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Body -Mind Consciousness

Awareness of our limiting beliefs

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is our awareness and capacity to perceive our inner and outer world. 

When we speak about body-mind consciousness we are highlighting the dynamic relationship between the subconscious or shadow aspects of self and the conscious or awake mind.

Every aspect of our physical body, every one of the 30 trillion cells in our body also share a unique consciousness or awareness of their surroundings, hold memories, emotions and belief systems just like the stories we can recall with our minds.

When these bodily stories held by the different tissues in our being create a damaging environment for them, they express it by signaling pain and disease symptoms begin. Our innate healing system has the capacity to address all disbalance and restore harmony and health, however, our subconscious programming is usually hijacking and overriding the natural balance creating a blockage that alters the flow of our energy systems and establishes a pattern of chronic conditions and challenges.  

Entering and altered state of consciousness where we can perceive and gather information from the different frequencies of our body: physical, vital, mental, supramental and higher self allows the practitioner to establish a "conversation" with these frequencies and learn about the subconscious stories and limiting beliefs that may be disturbing our wellbeing. Also, information about re-balancing and re-connecting the healing systems is given and implemented so our innate wisdom can start functioning and flowing freely. 

I'm trained in BodyTalk® and Body Intuitive® therapies, that additionally offer great insight about brain-heart-gut connection and rebalancing of conditions that have affected the epigenetic code, transgenerational trauma and right-left brain coherence. 

 An Integrative Session offers all the insight from Consciousness Medicine, blending all the tools that modalities like The BodyTalk System®, Body Intuitive®, Shamanic Medicine and Coherence and traditional Reiki provide to restore wellbeing and enjoyment of life.  

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