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Holistic Modalities

Customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will help you feel harmonized, integrated and balanced at an adequate pace.

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Body-mind Consciousness 

Awareness of our limiting beliefs

Restoring the capacity of our innate healing system by observing and releasing subconscious upbringing, cultural or ancestral programming.  

Featured service

Integrative Session

Body-mind consciousness, Shamanism and Heart Coherence Reiki therapy


Rosario is a holistic healthcare practitioner and is a trained specialist who use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and soul.

She performs services to develop a natural, complementary health improvement sessions for her clients in order to assist them in improving their overall health and not for the treatment or “cure” of any disease. The readings and messages are left to client’s interpretation and Rosario will not be held accountable for decisions based on information provided. 

The services rendered in this site are safe, non-invasive holistic methods of balancing the body’s physical and emotional needs and those imbalances can cause or contribute to various health problems.

It is for the client to understand that he/she should continue to see any medical doctors he/she is currently under the care of, and that any prescription medication should not be altered without first consulting the Doctor who recommended it.

Nothing said, done, typed, printed or reproduced by Rosario Tate and The Healing Tribe is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or take the place of a licensed physician.

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