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Shamanic Medicine


Shamanic Medicine as our
natural way of healing

The instant the first humans reached conscious awareness of their inner relationship with the elements of earth and their interconnected dependence and symbiosis, that was the very same instant Shamanism was born. As Shamanism is not anything else other than the way of natural living, a call to realize we must live in harmony with ourselves and with mother Nature.

Ancient rituals and practices allow the Shamanic practitioner to become a bridge, a hollow bone, that will facilitate communication between our loving and protecting spirits, eternal compassionate healers and guides, to deliver wisdom messages, aid with physical and emotional healing and restore lost power for the individual and the community.

In addition, through Shamanic practice, we learn respect for our environment and to live in balance with Mother Earth and all its creatures.

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Is the Shamanic path calling you?

How it works?

How can Shamanic Medicine help me ?

In our western culture, we believe that there are external agents or situations that bring illness into our lives. In fact, with the experience of life, illness and disease will come inevitably. 

We explain our body conditions with germs and pathogens attacking us and an imbalance of the brain chemistry will take the blame for mental and emotional conditions like depression, phobias, addiction and so on. In the shamanic world, on the other hand, we believe that all those are merely effects. To heal, it is necessary to find and understand the root cause, and usually this root goes way beyond viruses, bacteria or brain imbalance, but to the internal, non-physical reality: Our Spirit.

A Shamanic practitioner is trained to help a person overcome dis-ease by utilizing beautiful and traditional practices like Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Extractions and Energy Healing, Shamanic Journey, Psychopomp work, etc.


I offer two types of shamanic sessions depending on the needs of the consultant.

  • Shamanic Medicine Session: usually a Soul Retrieval ceremony is required. 

  • Shamanic Energy Healing: when clearing and overall harmonization are the main focus.

Recovering Power

Lost Power Restoration

Power Animal Retrieval and Soul Retrieval

Finding ourselves overwhelmed by life, burdened by struggles and unwanted responsibilities that we cannot cope with, or having entered a cycle of constantly falling sick and feeling exhausted, are clear signs of Power Loss.

Mentally, we might have faced trauma and had been left feeling disoriented, depressed, or fragmented. All this symptoms could go on for a long period of time and when left unresolved they affect all our relationships to the point of feeling that we are no longer in control of our life. 

When we recover our lost power with a Shamanic session, we recover joy, wholeness, balance and creativity. Our sacred and deep connection with our divinity is restored and we are again in charge of our destiny.

Power Animal Retrieval and Soul Retrieval are the main techniques used.

Smudging with sage

Shamanic Clearing


If you are experiencing waves of negative thoughts and you don't understand where they come from, intense episodes of explosive, irrational anger out of nowhere, a general sense of unease around you or localized pain that doesn't alleviate despite treatment, then, you most probably are hosting an Intrusion in your body. 

An intrusion is simply misplaced energy. Dense energy that in most cases does not belong to you and that found a new 'home' when you experienced power loss or a traumatic situation that left your energy body weak and predisposed. 

Negative thought forms thrown at you in the shape of jealousy or a curse can also become intrusions.

A Shamanic Clearing session will kindly, compassionately and rightfully 'extract' this dense energy and send it back where it belongs, leaving you feeling free, empowered, lighter and whole again. 


The Shamanic Journey

Accessing Higher Realms

The Shamanic Journey is a beautiful and powerful tool that allows me, by shifting consciousness, access higher and compassionate realms and ask and receive answers to questions on behalf of my patients for gaining physical, mental, and spiritual health, bringing back vitality and power, and for self-development.
The use of my rattles, drums or chanting will take me easily into the trance state and keep my personal perspective and ego outside of the process. 
Mastering this ability is key for the success of all shamanic work.

Psychopomp Work

Psychopomp Work

A compassionate transition into the afterlife

I'm a natural Psychopomp. It is a special and sacred work to me.

I began helping people in my family transition into the afterlife  since a very young age. 

It is a beautiful and heart centered work. The main role of a psychopomp is to protect, guide and provide a safe passage for the departing soul to the other side so the whole process is made out of fear and with ultimate respect and love.

Psychopomp work can also be done with people who are unconscious and in need of help to make the decision to detach from the physical body. 

It is common for the soul to need healing and reassurance that they will not completely disappear and vanish but be remembered and honored by their loved ones as well as the knowing that their families will be able to carry on with their lives as a natural consequence of life stages.

The session

What happens in a Shamanic Session ?

Shamanic sessions take place in my home studio, my sacred space. This room is dedicated to opening, releasing, and healing. I have my altar activated with candles and palo santo (holy wood) or sage burning, inspirational music will play in the background.


  •  Open Conversation 

The first thing that will happen is an open discussion between us. For this, I will hold a respectable, non-judgmental space.

We will discuss your history, and how you are feeling at the present moment. I will encourage you to dig deeper into your story and really open up as we both hunt for truth and healing potential.


  • Assessment Journey

Next, we move into the ceremonial work. At this time, you can lie on your back, allowing complete relaxation. I will then consult and assess what the best way to proceed is for your case and what needs to be done.

  • The Shamanic Healing 

At this point, I will be ready to start the Shamanic Healing. I will enter a trance (theta brainwave state), sometimes using a drum or rattle, and start the shamanic journey, connecting with my spirit helpers and yours.

While in this trance, I may also do either hands-on or hands-off energy work.

This portion of the session typically lasts for about half and hour.

  • The Return

Once I return from the journey, we will discuss what was experienced (on both ends), what wisdom, healing and advice was gifted to you from the spirit realm to begin implementing differently in your life. 

  • Integration: an Essential Step

Following a shamanic healing session, many deeply rooted energies have been shifted. Therefore, for the days, weeks, and even months following the session, it is advised that clients take special note of how they are feeling — they can do this by keeping a journal to keep track of progress for future insight and guidance.

The client will normally feel changes and shifts in their energy — toxins that have long been stored in one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body have been released, as well as unhealthy habitual thinking. It is my greatest advice to listen to and accept the energetic changes one may feel following a session; any discomfort will pass and new, vibrant, life energy will take its place.

Meet my teachers 

Shamanism is in my blood. I belong to the ancient curanderismo lineage from the North of Peru, thanks to my mother and to the Chachapoyas warrior and shamanic lineage from Amazonas, Peru, thanks to my father. 
It is my life passion to keep learning and practicing this sacred rituals and I offer my work for the healing of the community, mother earth and all. My gratitude is always with my beloved teachers for my training and apprenticeship.

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Don Oscar Miró-Quesada


Chrysta Lynn

Christa  Lynn


Sharon Ramel

Sharon Ramel


Sandra Ingerman

Sandra Ingerman


My teachers
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