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The School of Healing Arts

Training for Holistic and Heart-Centered Practitioners


The School of Healing Arts   is opening its doors to the community: healers, practitioners and general public who wish to begin to learn or deepen their knowledge of the alternative and holistic world.  

We are committed to the training and practice of the healing arts born from compassionate and ethical principles and guidelines. 

Our main goal is to empower our students and practitioners by facilitating the tools and perspective needed to understand the principles of energy medicine from both the scientific and the spiritual point of view. 

All our classes and courses include the latest research available in physics, general biology and neuroscience as well as the sacred teachings of ancient and wise traditions.

Also, we offer the opportunity to join a like-minded community of fellow students and  practitioners meeting regularly for practicums and events. 

We are currently offering training in: 

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From 1st Degree to Reiki Master Teacher

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Fundamentals and Advanced Training



Intuition development and Practice circles

No upcoming events at the moment
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